Ok so here is my third week of workouts. It was a good week. i saw some progress in my workouts my weight is coming down and I am starting to feel like Im getting better. 

A. Speed back squats 2 reps every 45 secs for 10 sets @ 60% of 1 rm back squat 
B. press 8,6,4,2 rest 2 mins
C.1 barbell walking lunge steps 3 x 16 steps rest 30 secs
C.2 ring rows 3 x 15 rest 30 secs
C.3 hollow rocks 3 x 60 sec amrap rest 2 mins
D. 5 min amrap strict deadhang Pullups 
My squats i did 275 and felt good during all sets.

Strict press was pretty good as well. i got up to 185 for my final set. dead hang pull ups i only got 48. I was dying to get those. i tried to time it but i didnt have anything left.

A. Hang power clean x 1/power clean x 1 build to a tough complex in 10 mins
B. bench press w/chains 5,5,5,5 rest 2 mins
7 rds
3 Clean n jerks *tough weight
5 lateral burpees
5-10-15 shuttle run
Rest 45 secs after each rd
Tuesday I missed this workout. My wife’s granfather died this day and it was a pretty rough day.
Wednesday- rest day

A. Deadlift 7,5,3,1 rest 2 mins *tough weight
B.1 weighted chinups 3,3,3,3 rest 1 min
B.2 strict ring dips 4 x max reps rest 1 min
C.1 clapping pushups 4 x 30 sec amrap rest 10 secs
C.2 lateral shuffles 4 x 30 sec amrap rest 10 secs
C.3 weighted Abmat situps 4 x 30 sec amrap rest 2 mins
Thursdays workout was pretty good as well. My final deadlift was 350 and i was pretty easy. ring dips i struggled through. I got 3,2,4,3 reps in that order. The last amrap kicked my ass but i finished it.
A. Snatch pull x 1/power snatch x 1 build to a tough complex in 10 mins
B. broad jump weighted w/vest 7 attempts @ max distance rest as needed
15 min amrap
12 kb swings @ 62
20 cals on ad
50ft prowler push @ 180 on to

Fridays workout was really good. I really started to see some progress with my workout. My snatch pull power snatch complex got up to 175 I tried 180 but couldn’t stand it up with my shoulder being so tight but i was higher than the 155 i did just 3 weeks ago, My broad jump was good as well. i jumped 8’8″ with the weight vest on which 3 weeks ago I did the same distance without any weight vest on. So i am seeing process. The final Amrap killed me! All i can say is thank God it was raining because the prowler pushes were changed to 5-10-15 shuttles and i still wanted to die. I got 8 rounds in. 7 really but i wanted to get to 8 so the last round wasn’t on the clock. Good work this week. I was happy.