This is my second testing. I felt great this week and was pleased to see some good improvements!!

A. Back squat up to 1 rm in 5-6 attempts- 425 LBS

B. 85% of above single 1 x amrap

C. press up to 1 rm- 185Lbs
D. 85% of above single 1 x amrap
E. 1k row time trial- 3mins 20 Seconds

A. Power clean up to 1 rm- 315Lbs
B. power clean 3 min amrap @ 85% of above single
C. box jump up to 1 rm- 47 Inches
D. Weighted bar dip up to 1 rm 100 Lbs
For time
100m farmer walk (70 in each hand)
200m prowler push w/90 on top
50 overhead walking lunge steps (45 lb plate)
40 bar dips
30 cals on ad : Finished In 8Min40 Seconds

Rest day

A. Bench press up to 1 rm- 315 Lbs
B. 90% of single above 1 x amrap
C. Weighted pull-up up to 1 rm– 60 Lbs Pull UP
D. 85% of single above 1 x amrap
E. broad jump 5-6 attempts for max distance– 8Ft 11in
F. 1 mile run time trial- 7 Min 20 Seconds

A. Power snatch up to 1 rm: 185 Lbs
B. 85% of above single 15 reps for time
15 min amrap *retest from week 1!
10 lateral box jumps @ 20 in
10 kb swings swings @ 62
10 burpees to a 6 in target
Got 7 Rounds In.

So far so good im feeling great and getting better everyday. Thanks Jesse!!