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This is my second testing. I felt great this week and was pleased to see some good improvements!!

A. Back squat up to 1 rm in 5-6 attempts- 425 LBS

B. 85% of above single 1 x amrap

C. press up to 1 rm- 185Lbs
D. 85% of above single 1 x amrap
E. 1k row time trial- 3mins 20 Seconds

A. Power clean up to 1 rm- 315Lbs
B. power clean 3 min amrap @ 85% of above single
C. box jump up to 1 rm- 47 Inches
D. Weighted bar dip up to 1 rm 100 Lbs
For time
100m farmer walk (70 in each hand)
200m prowler push w/90 on top
50 overhead walking lunge steps (45 lb plate)
40 bar dips
30 cals on ad : Finished In 8Min40 Seconds

Rest day

A. Bench press up to 1 rm- 315 Lbs
B. 90% of single above 1 x amrap
C. Weighted pull-up up to 1 rm– 60 Lbs Pull UP
D. 85% of single above 1 x amrap
E. broad jump 5-6 attempts for max distance– 8Ft 11in
F. 1 mile run time trial- 7 Min 20 Seconds

A. Power snatch up to 1 rm: 185 Lbs
B. 85% of above single 15 reps for time
15 min amrap *retest from week 1!
10 lateral box jumps @ 20 in
10 kb swings swings @ 62
10 burpees to a 6 in target
Got 7 Rounds In.

So far so good im feeling great and getting better everyday. Thanks Jesse!!



Ok so here is my third week of workouts. It was a good week. i saw some progress in my workouts my weight is coming down and I am starting to feel like Im getting better. 

A. Speed back squats 2 reps every 45 secs for 10 sets @ 60% of 1 rm back squat 
B. press 8,6,4,2 rest 2 mins
C.1 barbell walking lunge steps 3 x 16 steps rest 30 secs
C.2 ring rows 3 x 15 rest 30 secs
C.3 hollow rocks 3 x 60 sec amrap rest 2 mins
D. 5 min amrap strict deadhang Pullups 
My squats i did 275 and felt good during all sets.

Strict press was pretty good as well. i got up to 185 for my final set. dead hang pull ups i only got 48. I was dying to get those. i tried to time it but i didnt have anything left.

A. Hang power clean x 1/power clean x 1 build to a tough complex in 10 mins
B. bench press w/chains 5,5,5,5 rest 2 mins
7 rds
3 Clean n jerks *tough weight
5 lateral burpees
5-10-15 shuttle run
Rest 45 secs after each rd
Tuesday I missed this workout. My wife’s granfather died this day and it was a pretty rough day.
Wednesday- rest day

A. Deadlift 7,5,3,1 rest 2 mins *tough weight
B.1 weighted chinups 3,3,3,3 rest 1 min
B.2 strict ring dips 4 x max reps rest 1 min
C.1 clapping pushups 4 x 30 sec amrap rest 10 secs
C.2 lateral shuffles 4 x 30 sec amrap rest 10 secs
C.3 weighted Abmat situps 4 x 30 sec amrap rest 2 mins
Thursdays workout was pretty good as well. My final deadlift was 350 and i was pretty easy. ring dips i struggled through. I got 3,2,4,3 reps in that order. The last amrap kicked my ass but i finished it.
A. Snatch pull x 1/power snatch x 1 build to a tough complex in 10 mins
B. broad jump weighted w/vest 7 attempts @ max distance rest as needed
15 min amrap
12 kb swings @ 62
20 cals on ad
50ft prowler push @ 180 on to

Fridays workout was really good. I really started to see some progress with my workout. My snatch pull power snatch complex got up to 175 I tried 180 but couldn’t stand it up with my shoulder being so tight but i was higher than the 155 i did just 3 weeks ago, My broad jump was good as well. i jumped 8’8″ with the weight vest on which 3 weeks ago I did the same distance without any weight vest on. So i am seeing process. The final Amrap killed me! All i can say is thank God it was raining because the prowler pushes were changed to 5-10-15 shuttles and i still wanted to die. I got 8 rounds in. 7 really but i wanted to get to 8 so the last round wasn’t on the clock. Good work this week. I was happy.

Ok so here we are. This is my second blog entry on my workouts and so far so good. I last wrote two weeks ago. I was hoping to get back on much sooner but time flies so fast. I will say this after my first full two weeks training I feel great! My weight is still higher than I would like but i can definitely feel myself getting stronger and more powerful. I am feeling that my cardio is getting much better as well. Here is the list of my first two week cycle that Jesse put together for me:

A.1 bulgarin split squats w/barbell on back 4 x 5 per leg rest 1 min
A.2 ring rows 4 x 12 rest 1 min
B.1 db lateral lunge steps 3 x 8 per leg rest 45 secs
B.2 strict deadhang Pullups 3 x max reps rest 45 secs
C.1 seated barbell press 5,5,5 rest 30 secs
C.2 bentover barbell rows 8,8,8 rest 30 secs
C.3 weighted plank hold 3 x max hold rest 1 min

A.1 power cleans 3,3,3,3 rest 10 secs
A.2 high box jumps 4,4,4,4 rest 2 mins
B. close grip bench press w/chains 5,5,5,5 rest 2 mins
5 rounds
3 hang power cleans *tough weight
5 burpee broad jumps
Prowler push for 12 secs * grinder effort
Rest 45 secs between each effort

Wednesday- rest day

A. Deadlift 5,4,3,2,1 rest 2 mins *all @ tough weight but no maxes
B. weighted bar dip 2.2.2 x 3 rest 15 secs and then rest 2 mins
C.1 db stepups 3 x 8 per leg rest 30 secs
C.2 clapping pushups 3 x 60 sec amrap rest 1 min
D.1 isometric back extension hold 3 x 30 sec hold rest 30 secs
D.2 l-sit hold 3 x max hold rest 30 secs

A. Hang power snatch to a tough triple in 10 mins
B. db jumping lunges 3 x 10 per leg rest 2 mins
10 min amrap
5 push press @ 135
7 Pullups *strict
5-10-15 shuttle run

Saturday and Sunday- rest days

A.1 jumping back squats 5,5,5,5 rest 90 secs
A.2 1 arm db rows 4 x 6 per arm heavy rest 90 secs
B.1 db Russian stepups 3 x 8 per leg rest 1 min
B.2 chinups 3 x 15 rest 1 min
C.1 seated 1 arm db press 8,8,8 per arm rest 30 secs
C.2 supinated bentover barbell rows 10,10,10 rest 30 secs
C.3 v-ups 3 x 15 rest 30 secs

A.1 clean pulls 2,2,2,2 rest 10 secs
A.2 up n over box jumps 4 x 30 sec amrap @ 24 in rest 2 mins
B. weighted pushup 10,10,10 rest 90 secs
Tabata work
8 rounds each 20 sec work/10 sec rest
Sledgehammer tire hits right side *first
Burpees to a 6 in target
Sledgehammer hits left side

Wednesday- rest day

A. Good mornings 3,3,3,3,3 rest 2 mins
B. weighted bar dip 2.2.2 x 4 rest 15 secs and then rest 2 mins
C.1 kb banded power swings 4 x 20 sec amrap w/62 lb kb rest 20 secs
C.2 double under 4 x 30 sec amrap *if you don’t lateral jumps rest 1 min
D. Reverse hypers 10,10,10 rest 1 min

A. 1 arm db power snatches 4 x 6 per arm rest as needed
B. weighted box jumps 8,8,8 rest 90 secs
1 min on/1 min off x 8 *going meters per set
Rest 10 mins
ad work
20 secs @ 100% effort x 6 rest 2:40 secs.

From here on out I will do my best to post daily. But so far i have been feeling great and getting into shape and feeling younger more powerful and energetic each day!! 

Here it is the beginng of a new off season training year, I have been recently released so i have plenty of time to get back into shape and get ready for another assault in the nfl. I am a little bit older now so my off season training is much more important than it has been in the past. I was offered the opportunity to begin training with Jesse Crespo over at CrossFit 1Force in Deptford NJ. This is my second off season training at CrossFit but i decided to to take my training to next level and begin a more pin pointed training regimen, I am going to blog about my workouts and explain how well they are going and also let you all know how much it has and will help me in my quest to get back to Ballin!! 

The first week of my training was basically just testing to see where I am in terms of strength and conditioning. Jesse wrote out 4 days worth of workouts to complete on my own and i recorded all my numbers to get an idea of just how out of shape i am!! Here Goes…

Monday: Back Squat to 1 Rep Max :385 Lbs

Strict Press to 1 Rep Max 155Lbs

Weighted Pull Up 55Lbs

1K Row Time Trial: 3 mins 30 seconds

So the first day i felt pretty good. I did 385 fairly easily but I also did not want to push it just yet while working out alone. Strict press i was a little disappointed with my upper body strength has always been something that i needed to get better at but this was lower than i thought it would be. Weighted pullups i got up to 55 pounds. Not bad for me. And 1k row was better than i expected at 3min30. Overall felt fairly good for first day.

Day 2

Power Clean 1RpMax 285

Bench Press 1RpM 295

Weighted Bar Dip 1Rp Max 55

Max Height Box Jump 46in

Tuesday i felt good going into workout. I felt well on the power clean but this was the most i could manage this day. Bench press i got 295 which i was surprised at because i have not maxed in bench since college and this is more than i had done then. weighted bar dips I got 55lbs not sure what to make of that, and box jump i cleared 46in box. i felt this was ok nothing spectacular.

Wednesday was Rest day.

Power Snatch 1Rpm 185

Max rep PullUps 14

1 Set Max Rep Pushups 53

Broad Jump max distance 8ft 10in

1 mile Run 7min 32 seconds

Thursday felt pretty good again i really enjoy coming in on my own and getting after it. i pulled 185 in snatch and i was pretty surprised for some reason i thought i was stronger than this but thats all i could manage. This can be because of my tight shoulders. Max pullups 14 not what i thought id get but i will get better at these Max push ups 53 i almost died getting that 53rd one. Broad jump again not sure where i should be but i did ok. 1 mile time trial i hate long distance running and you can tell by my time posted! ha i will get better at this but i remember being around this similar time back in the day!! 

I missed friday’s workout and had to complete on saturday on my own. It was a 15Min Amrap it killed me! I got 5 rounds in it consisted of 

10 Lateral box jumps at 20in

10 Kettle Bell swings and 53 lbs

10 burpees to a 6 in target.

I was just happy to be done with it!!

Ok so there you have it my very first week of testing i found some good things and some things i definitely need to work on to get right for next season no matter where ill be. Stay tuned!